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Respiratory modules

DEMCON macawi respiratory systems is your OEM respiratory module supplier with its own manufacturing facility. DEMCON macawi respiratory systems develops and manufactures OEM and customer specific respiratory modules. These modules are used in all types of medical ventilators, covering complete functionality for invasive and non-invasive ICU and sub-acute care ventilator systems, from smallest neonates to adults and have a high dynamic range. They are driven by DEMCON macawi respiratory system’s patented high dynamic blower providing great characteristics for use in portable ventilator systems (like transport or emergency).

These respiratory modules are very compact, low weight and have low energy consumption, low noise level and long lifetime. They enable the shortest time-to-market for your new ventilator products and enable the allocation of your high competent R&D resources for your core system businesses. By selecting DEMCON macawi respiratory systems as your development partner, you will be provided by state-of-the-art clinically proven and tested respiratory technology tailored to your needs.

sEMG Technology

With the recent acquisition of Inbiolab, DEMCON macawi respiratory systems offers high end EMG technology. By means of patented and proven EMG amplifier technology, we are able to reliably measure muscle and brain activity.

Specific for our ventilation solutions, EMG is used for monitoring and triggering of ventilation which greatly enhances the breathing synchronisation and patient comfort. Surface electromyography (sEMG), measures electrical activity of the diaphragm by sensors in patches or a band on the patient enabling even more natural breathing and avoiding time-consuming and less patient friendly invasive intubation methods.

Blower module

DEMCON macawi respiratory systems developed and patented its own radial blower with very low rotary inertia and high dynamic range, with a speed up to 90.000rpm. With a specially designed motor and dedicated control software this results in a silent blower with high pressure efficiency, high flow capabilities and low power consumption. The special design makes the blower compact with low weight and long lifetime. The unique blower is available as OEM module for integration in your ventilator or anesthesia system.

Customer specific systems

With a team having more than 35 years of experience in the field of medical ventilation systems, DEMCON macawi respiratory systems develops and manufactures complete mechanical ventilation systems on customer specifications. As a provider of technology, application knowledge and production capacity DEMCON macawi respiratory systems acts as a total solution provider for many players in the market of mechanical ventilators.

DEMCON macawi respiratory systems focusses on user friendly operation, high quality ventilation performance, reliability, hygienic design and very silent operation. Besides this DEMCON macawi respiratory systems can support you during your own development of your ventilator system with consulting or contract engineering.

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