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DEMCON macawi respiratory systems developed the smallest, most dynamic respiratory blower used in mechanical ventilators today, generating pressures up to 100 mbar and peak flows over 200 L/min. The power consumption and noise levels of the blower are very low, even for extreme ventilation scenarios.  Together with a dedicated set of controls and algorithms, it enables us to offer first class ventilation performance in small devices at very competitive price levels. The combination of strategic proprietary technology with modern development methods, like Model-Based Design and a strong focus on generic frameworks and platforms, assures fast and reliable development and a unique position as OEM supplier to companies and distributors of respiratory equipment.

DEMCON macawi respiratory systems now provides unique and high-end sEMG technology to deliver the most enhanced breathing synchronization and with great comfort for patients.

Introducing sEMG Technology, the future of respiration

Respiratory Modules


Based on the ventilator technology available in this OEM respiratory module, DEMCON macawi respiratory systems can develop other respiratory modules according customer specifications.


Blower modules


MACAWI developed new high performance OEM blower modules for use in respiratory or anesthesia systems or other oxygen rich environments.

The OEM blower modules consists of the blower, driver electronics and software.


Turnkey ventilator development


DEMCON macawi respiratory systems develops complete medical ventilation  systems on customer specifications. Examples are:

  • Neonatal ventilators with excellent resuscitation, nCPAP and support functionality
  • High performance transportable ventilators with ICU performance for neonatal, pediatric and adult patients
  • Emergency and transport ventilators for most demanding situations, compact and easy to use.

Besides this DEMCON macawi respiratory systems can support you during the development of ventilator systems with consulting or contract engineering on:

  • System requirements definition
  • System architecture
  • Software development
  • Prototype development
  • Verification

Through our manufacturing facility we can also be your partner in manufacturing of your device.

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